(Lois) Jean Platt

(Lois) Jean Platt

Portland, ME - (Lois) Jean Platt passed away on Monday, February 11, 2019.  She lived at Seventy-Five State Street, Portland, Maine, where in her final days she was well loved and cared for.  

Better known as Jean, she was full of life and graciousness. Jean was my mom and lived with me in Maine for 17 years. She helped raise my daughter, so I could run my business and make a living.  We were the three girls, Jean, Cindy, and Norajean.  

She was born in 1922, and grew up in Greenwood, Indiana, the only child of Ray and Nora Barber.  Before WWII, she married my dad, Arnold Thompson, and waited four years while he served in the Navy. When my dad passed in 1970, she moved to St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, and married Ray Platt.   I would like everyone to remember my mother as a person who loved the outdoors, especially, the beach.

She had a wide circle of friends, about whom she cared deeply, centered around the Congregational Church in Cumberland, Maine. She also had lifelong friends in our (then small) town of Greenwood, Indiana, as well as many beach friends in St. Pete Beach.

We will have a memorial service this summer in Greenwood Indiana, and a small service at our house in Cumberland, Maine.

Thanks, everyone, for being my mom’s friends!   With love to all, from Cindy Thompson and Norajean Ferris

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  • Ann Miles Rounds on

    Cindy, my parents were good friends of at Sanseair. They have both passed. Sorry to hear this news, but seeing the picture of her face brought back so many memories of her laugh and smile. I live in Greenwood, and still own at sanseair. I am sure they are all in heaven sharing a cocktail with a laugh or two. Kind regards, Ann Miles Rounds

  • Louis Richey on

    She was one of those other mothers when I was growing up. Cindy was of my classmates in Greenwood while growing up there. I recall her mother Jean with fondness and respect. She left a positive feeling whenever she was around. Good life well lived.

  • Cindy Vance on

    Again, I’m so very sorry to hear about your mom Cindy. I’m really glad we got to visit her when all us gals came to Maine. Hope to see you this summer when we celebrate her life in Greenwood! Let me know as soon as you know when you are coming please. Hugs to you and Matt and Norajean ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gail Schimmel on

    Cindy, I am so sorry to learn of your Mom’s passing. When we were teenagers in school, I always thought and remember how pretty and classy she was. And will always remember the black Lincoln with her name engraved on a gold metal bar that was placed on the glove compartment dashboard. Take care, Cindy.

  • Jim Bailinson / Nancy Gibson on

    Cindy, Norajean and Matt – so, so sorry to hear about Jean’s passing – what a wonderful lady – we will be in touch. Thinking of her and you all.

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