Faith S. Miller

Faith S. Miller

Falmouth, ME - Faith Sutton Miller passed away September 20th at age 94. She retained her signature optimism, and love of life and people, throughout her ninety-four years of life.She was proud to be mother to her four children and three grandchildren, and truly was the heart and soul of her family on a daily basis. 

Born on June 14, 1922, Faith lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland, as a child. She was the eldest of five children. She is survived by her siblings Martha Sutton Miller (Pittsburgh, PA); Dr. Harold Griffith Sutton, Jr. and Marjorie (Chicago, IL); and Sarah Hale Sutton (Silver Spring, MD). She was pre-deceased by her sister Virginia Sutton Smith. 

Faith majored in psychology while a student at George Washington University, from which institution she graduated in 1943. Over the many years since her college days, she stayed in touch with her sisters from Kappa Kappa Gamma, and enjoyed fond memories of good times with these friends. 

Faith was proud to celebrate her birthday on Flag Day. It is not surprising to her family that her pride in her country led her to serve in the WAVES during WWII. 

While in the Navy, she met Robert Anderson Miller III, who would become her husband of 56 years.  Sometimes the cagey character herself, Faith side-stepped Bob’s efforts to bump into her during lunch by frequently changing her own lunch time. Bob liked to say of their courting days: “I chased her until she caught me.” 

After their marriage in 1947, the couple came to Connecticut and settled first in Hartford, and thereafter in West Hartford, where they lived for fifty years, until Bob’s passing in 2004. 

A life-long Presbyterian, she was a faithful member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford, CT and was an active member of the church choir for many, many years. 

In fact, Faith’s passion for music was inherited from her father, Harold Griffith Sutton, an esteemed professor at George Washington University, and a devotee of both singing and classical organ music. Faith poured herself into both vocal and violin study at the Peabody Conservatory. Faith’s unceasing warmth, kindness and devotion to her family were traits originating in her mother, Sarah Hale Sutton, and magnified with her own patience and resilience. 

Faith moved to Oceanview in Falmouth, ME, after the death of her husband. At Oceanview she enjoyed the camaraderie of her newly formed friendships, and took special pleasure in attending concerts and recitals on campus. 

Faith is survived by her four children: Nancy Houlihan of Falmouth, ME; Faith Miller and Bob Andrian of Marlborough, NH; Robert and Kim Miller of Walnut Creek, CA; and Betsy Miller of Falmouth, ME. She also leaves three grandchildren: Nathan Houlihan of Bloomington, IL; Rachel Houlihan of Portland, ME; and Thomas Miller of Walnut Creek, CA, and eleven nieces and nephews. 

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to 

BrightFocus Foundation (macular degeneration)

22512 Gateway Center Drive

Clarksburg, MD 20871

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