Denise L. (Ellis) Rogers

Denise L. (Ellis) Rogers


Scarborough, ME - Denise Lynne Rogers was 64 years old when she passed away in Scarborough, ME on Friday, December 21, 2018 at 3:20 am at Gosnell Memorial Hospice House. Denise was predeceased in August 1994 by her husband, the love of her life Lester Allen Rogers.

Denise was born on a rainy Saturday morning on March 20, 1954 at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. Her mother Marilyn E. Hodgman and her father George D. Ellis. Denise grew up in West Cumberland, ME where she went to school and graduated from Greely High School. After Denise completed high school, she went to earn an associate degree for Executive Secretarial at Plus Gray’s School of Business.

Denise was proud of all the work she did. She was a dedicated employee at L.L. Bean for over 20 years where she worked her way up to be a Senior Marketing Analyst. Since then she’s enjoyed her time working as a Receptionist, as well as a fill in Hygienist for Bayview Dental in Yarmouth, Maine for the last 11 years. Denise also founded Pisces Glass Works in March of 2004 where she was the owner, operator, artist and creator, as well as teacher of beautiful stained-glass art creations.

Denise loved life and certainly lived it to its fullest. She was a member of the American Saddlebred Association for a lot of years where she loved traveling to and showing in horse shows where she successfully walked away with her collections of blue ribbons. Denise’s horse showing days became a memory for her, but her lifelong love of horses never swayed. After a short bout of having a horseless barn fate led her to her beautiful Gracie who she found in a kill auction. Denise couldn’t bear to see Gracie sold to a kill buyer knowing the inhuman end she would face so she bought her immediately to simply save her life and give her a good and loving home. Denise truly did have a life-long love of horses and was a true horse woman to the core of her soul and her life would have never been complete without them.

She also loved to dance, and she did it beautifully. Denise was a member of the Champion Line Dance Team “Two Left Feet” for several years where she danced with her team in Line dancing competitions all over the United States, as well as where some of her lifelong friendships began as well. But Denise’s love for dancing didn’t end with Two Left Feet she also enjoyed taking Salsa dance classes for a while too. Denise also had a beautiful singing voice. Everyone who was lucky enough to hear Denise sing something enjoyed hearing her beautiful voice. Denise even sang at a couple of her friend’s weddings years back and she was also invited to join a choir after they had heard her sing, but she chose not to join.

Denise had an artist’s soul, she also enjoyed making jewelry. Denise made necklaces, bracelets and earrings with beads, stones that she assembled with her delicate care as she liked to give them out to her close friends and family as gifts. As well as Denise also had quite a talent for drawing and painting. She could draw and/or paint anything she could imagine or see. Whether it was to be a painting of a pet or something on a canvas, or a scene painted across an old saw to a faux painted wall she had a talent as well as the artistic eye to create and do her part to add beauty to this world.

Denise was also her very much her own handyman, she was a jack of all the trades type. If Denise wanted something done and she didn’t know how to do it she would just look whatever it was up, research it a little bit and teach herself how to do pretty much anything and everything she needed done basically making her, her own mechanic, plumber & carpenter. Denise wanted her Motorcycle license, so she could ride so she found a weekend course, bought herself a Harley Davidson and yeah, she did that too. Anyways one day her bike wouldn’t start or idle, she did try to call help but when her help couldn’t get it done fast enough for her liking, she looked it up online and rebuilt her own carburetor and she fixed it herself. At another time Denise needed to run water pipes from the house into her stained-glass room. So, she looked up how to run and connect water pipes, then she bought everything she needed, and she ran her own pipes too. As well when her barn doors had gotten to be too aged and weathered, she rebuilt them herself too.

Denise also bought a camper to enjoy with her family for family vacations as well as other trips she enjoyed going on. When Denise bought her little 70’s camper she loved it except that the inside was outdated so she updated her entire camper herself so that she could love it along with everyone that she loved most. Denise got a lot of use out of that little camper taking trips with her mother to visit sites, as well as some friends and family that lives farther away. As well as the yearly trips Denise took with her daughter and grandchildren every summer. Every summer Denise would plan some sort of family get-away vacation with her daughter where they could take the kids for a few days to a week. Every year they would go on another different, fun adventure where not a lot was ever set in stone planned, except that we’d have fun, a campfire with marshmallows to toast and each other creating more family memories together. There was nothing Denise loved more than her family. For Denise family always comes first.

If anyone in the family ever needed Denise, she always answered the call and was there as quickly as she could get herself there in any ways she might be needed. As part of being the family woman that Denise was, she made the most of every season and holiday. For every holiday we were either all getting together for a family cookout or a big family meal. She decorated her house and door stop for every holiday from Valentine’s and Easter to Thanksgiving and Christmas. She would dress up and get candy for Halloween as well as hiding eggs for Easter egg hunts. She made decorations and ornaments for Thanksgiving and she made wreaths for everyone every Christmas. Denise would do anything for her family and we all loved her for it. She was there for all of us throughout all the many times we’ve all called her with any sort of want or need and she always did all that she could and loved us all unconditionally and we will all love and miss her forever and we’ll never forget Denise Lynne Ellis Rogers. We will miss you forever.

Denise was predeceased by her husband Lester Allen Rogers, her father George Dennis Ellis, her brother Kevin Scott Ellis, her grandparents Ruth Pride, Charles L. West and Gladys Gardius, her step-father Harvey E. Hodgman, and her great grandfather Charles E. West ( Another thing Denise was very proud of was that her great grandfather Charles E. West was the Mayor of South Portland for 3 terms, as well as he was South Portland’s City Treasurer) Denise was survived by her mother Marilyn Elizabeth Hodgman of Cumberland, Maine. Both of her children Danielle Rae Rogers and Scott Allen Rogers of Cumberland, Maine and her granddaughter Savhannah Chelsea Wing of Auburn, Maine and her grandson Aiden Winter Scott of Gray, ME

Denise’s funeral services will be held at Wilde Memorial Chapel in Evergreen Cemetery, 672 Stevens Avenue, Portland, ME on Saturday, January 5, 2019 from 11:00am - 1:00pm.


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