Anne E. (Patenaude) Midgett

Anne E. (Patenaude) Midgett




Portland- Anne E Midgett,81, of Scarborough, was the daughter of Lionell and Robertine Patenaude.She was born in Rumford February 23, 1937 and was raised in So. Portland, graduated from South Portland High School in 1954.


   Tribute To Anne

 Her Smile


Her smile! Always present, never fake, It follows her into a dark room and suddenly the world is made bright with her smile!


The heart! Always beating, never a flutter. It holds the key to her entire being.


Her love is so pure that it welcomes all to share in its warmth.


Her smile…How many people has it touched? Too many to count!


Who else could bring a smile to the face of a total stranger with her gentle hugs or an unexpected kiss.


Another life has been touched by her love!


It could be that couple sitting across from her in a booth; or that frantic mother whose crying baby was gifted with a toe tickle and a smile!


Back to that smile….


It lights up, and like a flame, it’s warmth engulf everyone;


Her smile…It’s contagious.


How can you resist it?


It knows no race, color, age or creed.


Her smile… It is love in it’s purest forms.


Energy flows from that smile into the hearts of others.


The old man, the new mother, the porters filling the ship’s passageways.


A surprise hug and a pure kiss on the cheek; Another heart has been ignited, another boring, tedious day has been made bright.


My days are all made bright by the witness of Her Smile!


Died on August 15, 2018; Anne leaves her husband Ralph, her children Debra and Greg Rumery, her brother, Lee Patenaude.


Ralph would like to express his gratitude to the Barron Center for the care and love they gave Anne during her stay on the 2 North Wing.


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