Doug "Digs" McLaughlin

Doug was born November 21, 1971 and passed away November 9, 2017 after a long illness.

Tall and lean Eloquent, brilliant, harsh, opinionated, hugely compassionate, smart assed, flip, athletic, pensive. A man who loved people, hated people, bewildered by them yet had a deep understanding of them. Loved until it hurt, distanced himself, held grudges, forgave completely. Life was slowly sucked out of him, yet his mind was active, challenged to solve every puzzle, fight every wrong; beat the system, figure it out so it could be beaten, changed. Offended at a cellular level by stupidity, ignorance, hate, complacency. Competitive. Lover of music, words, and musical words. Always striving to find meaning, express meaning, make meaning. Shadowed by self doubt, on top of the world with confidence. Analyzed himself, sports stats, others, nature, the world and all its horrible, fascinating, beauteous glory. Candid, cut you to the bone blunt, hilarious.

The man could dance. He was a writer, a poet. His words had meaning and depth. He could explain the simplest things in profound ways, the most elusive things with the simplest words. His heart was at times trapped in his head, other times on his sleeve.

He was predeceased by his Dad, Jim McLaughlin and his cousin and comrade in arms Andy “LoeffeyLoeffler. He is survived by his great loves Ashley Marshall and little Ruby Moon; mother Jan McLaughlin; sisters Alyson and Jessie McLaughlin; nephew Elijah “Blake” Knox; nieces Lily and Ivy and many aunts, cousins and fabulous friends.

Services to be held at the UU Church at 524 Allen Ave Portland on Saturday November 18th 4:30-8 pm In lieu of flowers, just send love, love, love.



0 #1 Jane Duggan 2017-11-17 11:19
Dear Ashley, Ruby, and Family,

I am so very sorry to learn of Doug's passing. I was just thinking of him, quite possibly on the day of his passing. While I can imagine the emptiness in your hearts, having lost many close family members myself, this sadness is immense. Your tribute to him was beautiful. Please find solace and peace in each other, in music, in nature, in readings, and know that many are thinking of you and Doug. I am sorry not to be able to attend his memorial service. I hope to be able to meet the lovely Ruby Moon some day.
Take care and be well.
Jane Duggan

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